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We believe that established business processes can make any business great. Our activities are based on the combination of marketing, behavioral psychology and business analysis.

We have built the processes in such a way that you can not only attract traffic to the site, but also the attention and location of customers. Achieve significant conversions and build long-term relationships with strategically aligned, cost-effective, and creative actions focused on achieving relevant business goals.

Our values

Professionalism, innovation, courage, inspiration.

Our mission

To find and develop the strengths of the business that will help them become great.

Our process

We combine business analysis, psychology and marketing to make brands profitable and attractive.

Our Vision

We are not happy until our customers "and their customers" are happy. This philosophy is the basis of processes.

About Our History

Every success story is unique. But each failure story is similar to the previous one. We noticed this and thought, “how can we combine these two knowledge to help companies achieve their goals and avoid most mistakes?” It all started like most companies - We were unhappy with the marketing market and wanted to create a decent service that would help businesses achieve their goals, and not delay the deadlines for achieving them with pseudo requirements. In the process of a long search for an answer to the question: “how to make marketing even better,” we decided to combine four areas of knowledge. For this we have attracted certified specialists from these areas to achieve the best results for our clients.

Our services

Let's build something great together.

Social Media Marketing

For your customer to buy something, they need to know about it.

We applied an innovative approach to SMM, which is based on an integrated approach to studying the audience and product. Users often do not notice in the virtual space advertising services that may be of interest to them. We aim to deliver targeted advertisements right in the heart of the end user, ensuring the best possible performance of ad campaigns.

Sales funnel

There is a huge number of sales channels. There are even more than we can count. By using the wrong tools, you risk not only losing money, but also time, which is the most valuable resource. We will identify sales channels for your business and sources of communication with potential and existing customers, as well as build a funnel that will guide the customer from the first message to the purchase.

Strategy Development

We have combined a strategic, creative approach to content with well-defined business goals for clients. The aim of our business is to set sales/conversions or changes in consumer behavior, depending on the needs of the business.

To save you from mistakes, we undertake the process of preparing a marketing strategy, studying your business and objectives, for the speedy achievement of business goals.

Fun Facts

You may think that we are too serious guys. What can not be said in our name.

If you understand what we mean. Here are some fun facts about us:






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Our Process

All actions from the start of work to the completion of the project are aimed at bringing a qualitative and measurable result.

The client fills out the brief, which details the expectations of the project and the marketing goals of the company. After the fact-finding stage, there is a stage of requirements analysis, a study of the specifics of the business and operation of the company, and the hypothesis for constructing a strategy. We analyze needs and put forward a proposal to build a model of promotion and achievement of goals as soon as possible, as well as form a roadmap.

At this stage, the concept is approved, the work strategy, stakeholders are described, and those responsible for the result are appointed. With our assistance, you choose resources and set deadlines.

At this stage we use magic, art of management and apply all our knowledge in the field of marketing and psychology.

After reaching the goals, we are working to consolidate the results and offer a document with recommendations for maintaining positive dynamics or continuing the work.

Our Portfolio


Who is our client

If you recognize yourself in the description,

write to us and this will be your best decision about cooperation ever.

Legal tech

    Do you work in the legal field? We know how important it is to make timely decisions and respond to changes. We believe that the use of modern information technologies in the field of legal services will allow companies to provide the best service.

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    Are you looking for sources of investment? Do you need to market a new product? All this is real, if potential investors know about you. We will help to create the image and attract the first customers, and in the meantime you will be working on the project.

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Health care

    we want to create a culture of health care, thereby increasing the number of healthy people on the planet. That is why we want to help companies that work in the health sector talk about their services and increase the number of happy people.

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Client Testimonial

“Worked with the FunnyBunny team for several months. We ordered auditing and consulting at the stage of writing a strategy for the development of pages in social networks and a content plan. Initially, the task was to combine branded content for potential customers and partners, and it is beneficial to emphasize the HR-brand. As a result of cooperation, we developed a publication plan that includes all of our activities.”

Our company is engaged in distribution of software for lawyers and accountants. FunnyBunny team in a short time built a strategy to attract leads and made a sales funnel, through which our customers reached the sales department on time and were not lost along the way. Now we are working with them on the implementation of the chat bot and the construction of the marketing department.

We work in the field of information business, and above all we appreciate the humane approach to the client. As a result of cooperation, we decided to introduce e-mail marketing in order to get closer to the audience and not only start selling, but also be useful, thanks to useful content. We have been fruitfully cooperating with the team for several months and we can confidently say that we got the expected results.

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